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Our Technologies team understand the importance of bringing about market and trend driven automation in OSS/BSS space. Our products can automate an entire billing-cycle by initiating the billing procedures, execution of the process, alarms and errors.

"Our IP empowers you with the right infrastructure/tools to evolve your eco-system to the next level"

In a single Infrastructure we provide a platform to access enterprise wide software components, simplifying complex BSS/OSS integrations.ts pluggable nature eases. Front-office applications communicate under a common framework. Ireplacement/upgrade of BSS/OSS and other components.


OSS/BSS Automation products seamlessly integrate across systems and have the capability to initiate any set of procedures. These products providehost functionalities with a single-point interface which controls and manages all processes.


Drag & Drop processes to-be scheduled, touch to initiate and negligible monitoring errors. We can configure various 'single-touch' billing solution. With this deployed, billing operations are entirely automated with self-healing/ Auto Resolving capabilities. We can reduce the total bill run time by removing redundant processes, implementing smart workarounds to reduce load and optimize pre-bill/post-bill operations. This entire operation is not manned and is initiated with the push of a button.


We can enforce SLA and stick to KPI requirements better with Automation solutions. It can follow customers escalation matrix, raise respective alarms, monitor thresholds and initiate Self-healing mechanisms.

Non-core ProcessesAutomation

Our solutions can help you automate non-core workflows processors in a billing environment; (processes other than what the native billing system does by itself).

  • Mundane tasks can be identified and automated
  • Custom scripts can be organized better; This helps save huge costs during Migrations/Upgrades
  • Reduce man-effort in verification and data validation.